Operation & Property Portfolio

Castellum’s business model is built on investing in and developing commercial premises managed by a decentralized and customer-focused organization. Castellum is focused on cash flow and only engages in activities with minimal financial risk.

Castellum owns almost 600 properties in Sweden, Finland, and in Copenhagen, encompassing 6 million square meters of office and logistics space. Property locations range from city center sites to well-situated working areas with good public transportation and services. Castellum works with a long-term perspective; its strategy for growth includes continually refining and developing its property portfolio by investing in new construction, expansions, and reconstructions, as well as making new acquisitions. The purpose of the investments is to improve cash flow, thereby increasing the value of the properties. New projects are gradually added through acquisitions of both development properties and unutilized development rights.

Our operations comprise three different areas:

Property Management

Through management, in close relationship with customers, that is built on good business conduct, sustainability, and innovation, we enable our customers to reach their own business goals.

Project Development

Castellum will continually invest in existing portfolios and develop new portfolios, resulting in a quality shift to a more sustainable and stable portfolio, as well as increased earning power. In addition, Castellum will be an active player that promotes urban development and growth.


Continual development of Castellum’s property portfolio in order to strengthen the company’s position as the leading player in Nordic growth cities.


Every day, some 250,000 people go to work in our properties. Our premises are also the workplaces where people grow and develop. At Castellum, we operate through a decentralized organization with a strong local presence in 14 cities around Sweden, in 6 cities in Finland as well as in Copenhagen.