Organization & Employees

Approximately 500 employees work at Castellum. Most work with managing the Group’s properties via our local organizations (business areas) to create close customer relationships, short decision-making paths, and local decision-making power. We believe this creates the best conditions for growth, as well as a corporate culture in which our employees thrive and develop. In addition, Castellum has a large project development organization and an overall Group structure that includes Group Management and functions such as financial reporting, sustainability, treasury, legal, HR, communication and IT. These are housed together at the main office in Gothenburg.

Castellum as a workplace

In Focus Area we have Well-being, where the objective is to promote health and wellness and to increase productivity, where equality and diversity are important conditions. In order to make it easier for Castellum’s employees to organize their daily lives, the possibility of a more flexible work-life was introduced during the year with the vision “Work where you want, when you want”. The hope is to promote employee health and wellness, and at the same time to enable increased productivity.

Flexible working hours and location

Castellum offers their employees flexible working hours and locations so long as this can be done in a way that meets the needs of our business and there is continued compliance with Castellum’s other policies.

Engaged employees

Engagement levels are measured in the form of a pulse survey. The purpose of continual measurements is to quickly identify needs for corrective efforts and to monitor trends. The engagement index looks good after the first measurement, with results just over the benchmark. Internal employee engagement surveys are a crucial tool for evaluating employee experience and developing policies to attract, retain and develop the best employees and identify areas for improvement.

Employees are one of the most important intangible assets for Castellum. The ability to attract qualified and talented employees, as well as retain and nurture internal talents is a key factro for corporate success.

Attractive workplace

By offering competence development and creating a motivating work situation, Castellum promotes loyalty and job satisfaction. The decentralized organization means that each employee enjoys well-defined areas of responsibility with a high level of empowerment, leading to professional as well as personal development. Employee performance reviews occur yearly with all employees. These are important tools for following up and setting objectives, as well as for identifying competence development needs.

Castellum cares for its employees and thus works with preventive health care, offers corporate wellness subsidies, and provides substantial health insurance for both employees and their immediate families. Wellness programs are offered both for preventive purposes and for the continued well-being of the company’s workforce. A bonus-sharing program provides employees with the opportunity to benefit from their respective region’s financial performance improvement.

Castellum Spirit


Relationships are created between people, not between companies. Our employees decide how things are to be done – so that things go well and smoothly. All employees are ambassadors for Castellum and have the authority to act. Diversity makes us better because it helps us see things from different perspectives.


Being passionate means trying to do things a little better. Every time.


Being proactive means being able to see needs and fix them before problems arise. It also means daring to question things and daring to change, all in order to improve. Being proactive means being curious and forward-looking.


Being reliable means keeping promises, stating opinions, and listening to and respecting the views of others. It also means being clear when giving negative answers and offering smart advice, alternatives, and solutions.