Castellum focuses on energy saving in its properties as part of the national Energy Saving Campaign

The unusual situation in the energy market requires concrete actions in every sector. As a responsible property owner, Castellum aims to lower energy use in all its properties for the heating season 2022-2023 according to recommendations of the national Energy Saving Campaign.

 The energy consumption will be lowered by the following actions:

  • The temperature of heated garages and large storage-type spaces connected to outdoor spaces is set to +10 degrees.
  • The temperature of storages, maintenance areas, and indoor staircases is set to +17 degrees.
  • The default temperature of the office premises is lowered moderately so that the room-specific controls work with their setpoints between 18 and 22 degrees. If there are no room-specific controls, the indoor temperature is set to +21 degrees.
  • The outdoor lighting and lighting in common spaces will be turned off at night and on weekends.

These actions are aimed at reducing the energy consumption in the buildings, as well as mitigating the increased energy costs. The lowered energy consumption also causes reductions in CO2 emissions for each property and thus affects the Scope 3 emissions of companies reporting their carbon footprint.

We ask all our customers to join and support us in these actions. Information and guidelines can be found on the campaign website (in Finnish).

We encourage our customers to:

  • Check the adjustment of the space-specific temperature controls.
  • Pay attention to the use of warm water.
  • Whenever possible, please notice that the correct use of window blinds affects the temperature in your office space. Sunny days help heat rooms.