Castellum’s employees in Finland and Denmark are offered parental leave for six months with 90 percent of the salary

Castellum introduces a paid, gender-neutral parental leave policy for all employees in Finland and Denmark , which means a total of six months’ leave with 90 percent of salary. It is one of the Nordic region’s most generous packages for paid parental leave.

– At Castellum, we strive for a good balance between work and private life. Our starting point is that all parents should be able to combine career and family in a sustainable way, explains Helena Dino, HR Manager at Castellum AB, which has 413 employees in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Offering employees in Denmark and Finland the same parental conditions as in Sweden makes it easier to combine a career with paid parental leave. The benefits for parents and children are obvious: they get to spend more time together during the important early years of the child’s life.

Sweden has one of the world’s most generous laws regarding parental leave. Most European countries offer some form of paid parental leave, but there is often a big difference between what is offered to mothers and fathers – mostly to the detriment of fathers. With equal parental leave, the position of women increases by reducing differences in both salary and career opportunities.