The Kalasatama Area

Business, commerce and living combined in Kalasatama’s trendy and urban pulse.

Business, commerce and living combine in Kalasatama’s trendy and urban pulse.

Kalasatama has become a large, diverse and modern neighborhood in Helsinki. The services in Kalasatama are constantly developing as the population grows and new buildigs are completed. Comprehensive restaurant, health and leisure services are available. Business, commerce and living combine in Kalasatama’s trendy and urban pulse.

The former harbor and industrial area has turned into a neighborhood for over 4000 people. There is more new construction in Kalasatama than anywhere else in Helsinki at the moment. As the population grows, so do the services. The area is very accessible by public transportation subway and buses as well as by car. Also the upcoming tram from Pasila to Kalasatama will improve accessibility even more. In Kalasatama work, freetime, services and home are all nearby.

Kalasatama’s extensive services

The Teurastamo restaurant, bar and event area as well as shopping center Redi are within walking distance of all of our buildings.

The Teurastamo area was brought back to life in 2012 as part of Helsinki’s recognition as a Design Capital. The area continues to undergo changes, but with respect for the long history that started in 1933. Teurastamo restaurant area and the nearby wholesale providers create a great event area for events year-round.

Kalasatama in 2040

  • 175 hectares
  • 25 000 inhabitants
  • 10 000 jobs
  • 1 200 000 square meters of living space
  • 400 000 square meters of office and commercial space