Castellum - Beyond Expectations

We create workplaces where people and businesses thrive.

We are your partner committed to sustainable growth, responsibility and continuous improvement. Beyond expectation.

Castellum is a real estate company that helps companies develop and people grow. We create successful and sustainable workplaces in Nordic growth regions by really keeping close to customers, while staying on the cutting edge of innovation and expertise.

Castellum properties in Finland are located in the best locations in Helsinki, with good transport connections to Kalasatama, Sörnäinen and Salmisaari.

Our own personnel is strongly present in the customer’s daily life. We manage, supervise and continuously develop the co-operation and service of our partners. We constantly challenge ourselves and colleagues in order to strengthen both the organization and as individuals.

Our parent company Castellum AB is one of the largest listed property companies in the Nordic region with a property value of 9 billion euros. We are located in 17 growth regions in Sweden, as well as Copenhagen and Helsinki.

We develop flexible workplaces and smart logistics solutions with a lettable area of 4.3 million square metres. One of our sustainability goals is to become entirely climate neutral by 2030. Castellum is the only Nordic property and construction company elected to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). The Castellum share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap.

Our Values


Our employees decide how things should be done – so that it will be good and go faster. Relationships are created between people – not between companies. All employees are Castellum’s ambassadors and also have a mandate to act. Diversity makes us better because it helps us see things from different angles.


To be passionate is to strive to make things a little better. Each time.


To be proactive is to be able to see the needs and solve them, before the problems arise. It is also to dare to question and change – to improve. Proactivity is to be curious and forward-leaning.



Being reliable means keeping your promises, saying your opinion, listening and respecting the opinions of others. You are also clear with negative messages and have wise advice, alternatives and solutions.

Castellum’s value creation strategy

Investment in, and development and administration of commercial premises, as well as service offerings in a decentralized and customer-centric organization. Castellum focuses on cash flow and operates with low financial risk – all to optimize the conditions for delivering on the company’s overall growth targets and to create shareholder value.

Property management

Through management, in close relationship with customers, that is built on good business conduct, sustainability and innovation, we enable our customers to reach their business goals.

Project development

Castellum will continually invest in existing portfolios and develop new portfolios, resulting in a quality shift to a more sustainable and stable portfolio, as well as increased earning power. In addition, Castellum will be an active player that promotes urban development and growth.


We continually develop our property portfolio in order to strengthen Castellum’s position as the leading player in Nordic growth cities.

In November 2020, the Swedish listed real estate investment company Castellum AB acquired the share capital of the Finnish, family-owned Lindström Invest Oy.

As a real estate development and investment company, Lindström Invest Oy started its business at the beginning of 2002 when Lindström Oy, known for its industrial textiles, was divided. In the demerger, Lindström Oy’s real estate assets were acquired by Lindström Invest. The assets included Lindström Talo, Invest’s first Business Park, and other commercial and residential properties that had been aquired over the years. After this Lindström Invest’s assets grew evenly.

Castellum entered the Finnish market already in summer 2018 when Castellum acquired property at  Salmisaarenaukio 1. With the acquisition of Lindström Invest in November 2020, the Finnish Castellum organisation was formed of the former Lindström Invest Oy personnel. As of February 2021 we operate under the Castellum brand.

Lindström Talo, the iconic red brick, old industrial property, once known as Lindström textile laundry, retains its name.