Castellum is the Nordic region’s most sustainable real estate company; sustainability initiatives are fully integrated into our operations and ingrained in the ownership, management, and development of our property portfolio. We use our sustainability strategy to guide our actions within our customers’ service, human resources, and financing.

Castellum’s overall goal is net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 at the latest. Science-Based Targets-initiative has approved Castellum’s road map for carbon neutrality already in 2018, and Castellum has indeed been awarded as the world’s most sustainable office developer (GRESB, 2021). As a long-term real estate owner, and a community builder, Castellum is proud of its efforts to promote the development of a sustainable society.

Castellum’s sustainability agenda, “The Sustainable City,” is divided into four areas of focus: The Planet, Future-Proofing, Well-Being, and Social Responsibility. The areas of focus ensure that Castellum conducts its operations responsibly, creating long-term solutions from an economic, ecological, and social perspective.

To future-proof Castellum’s portfolio, buildings will be made more energy-efficient, life cycle perspectives will be taken into account in investments, responsibility for natural resources and biological diversity will be assumed, the share of renewable energy will be increased, and operations will be adapted to climate change. Castellum will be involved in the climate plans and policies of its customers and of government agencies, it will display leadership and to the greatest extent inspire the industry toward a greener approach.

Read more about our focus areas in latest annual report.

Ecological Sustainability

Castellum utilizes resources such as energy and water as wisely and efficiently as possible. New constructions, as well as extensions and reconstructions, are built according to high environmental standards.

Social Sustainability

Castellum develops societies from a long-term perspective where people’s needs, and well-being are at the center. By cooperating with customers, municipalities, and other partners, we are committed members in the cities we operate. Castellum collaborates with schools and universities and offers young people apprenticeships and summer jobs. And, naturally, we look out for – and care for – Castellum’s employees.

Economic Sustainability

Castellum’s sense of responsibility focuses on securing long-term growth and, at the same time, minimizing the consequences of ecological and social sustainability. Our long-term sustainability strategy provides a natural foundation for financially sustainable growth.