Welcome to Castellum’s world. It’s a world full of change, in which we – like other players in our industry – are facing a number of challenges related in particular to the rapid changes in technology taking place in our business environment. Every decision we make is based on our long-term strategy, with a focus on delivering on our overall growth target: achieving 10% annual growth in income from property management measured in SEK per share.

This strategy takes into account business environment factors such as trends, macroeconomic factors, and market conditions. By delivering on our strategy, we create business advantages for our customers and shareholder value for our owners. This long-term effort has created the foundation and the conditions for us to be one of the Nordic region’s largest commercial property companies today.

Ultimately, the strategic plan aims to optimize the preconditions for Castellum to deliver on the company’s overall growth target and create shareholder value. Castellum’s strategy for the next few years (2020–2022) focuses on further strengthening customer relations with priority customer segments, developing our service offering, and improving our property and development portfolios. The strategy is built on three perspectives: our customers, our offering to them, and our own performance.

The tenants Castellum has chosen to address are in the office, government agency and civil service sectors, as well as logistics. At present, Castellum manages over 600 properties and looks after 250,000 people every day. Based on our tenants’ and their employees’ needs, we will continue to develop attractive, flexible and easily accessible offerings. Read more about our strategy in Annual Report 2020.



Beyond expectations.


Creating workplaces where people and enterprises thrive.

Business Idea

We create successful and sustainable workplaces in Nordic growth regions by really keeping close to customers, while staying on the cutting edge of innovation and expertise.